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RS+M’s roots are steeped in the evolution of today’s modern aquatic design and engineering. Our firm is a direct successor to the legendary Dr. William N. Rowley, whose pioneering work in design, engineering, and pool safety laid the groundwork for today’s sophisticated aquatic centers.

Pools are more than just aesthetically pleasing bodies of water, they are places to recreate, exercise and compete. An aquatic center should not only boast efficiently maintained and safe water, but its chosen program uses deeply embedded in its design.

What sets RS+M apart is our belief that we must take the time to understand all the desired uses of your aquatic facility first, then design to your specific program requirements. We are coaches, water polo players, and swimmers with a profound understanding of how decks, equipment, adjunct buildings, and user interface can affect the enjoyment of your pool and longevity of your facility.

We don’t just design pools; we live in them.

Leadership Team

Jim McClelland, AIA

Tel: (925) 286-2336

Bernie Rogers, PE
Senior Engineer

Tel: (858) 248-5121

Danny Stringer, PE
Project Engineer

Tel: (410) 934-8495

Ron Bravo
Project Manager

Tel: (310) 995-5566

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